3D Survey

Make your content visual. Use 3-D Fly-through video to provide a Drone tour of your property and illustrate your unique story like never before. We use Google Earth 3-D model of the world as a base, then add personalized mapping with GIS, logos, pictures, text, and narration. You can even watch a sunset. We deliver a movie format file for use on a web page, smartphones, kiosk, PowerPoint presentations, staff training, and education, posting to Linkedin, Facebook, blogs and other social media. We do not use a template – our designs are custom fit to message and content and complete image.

We can also provide a virtual fly-through in an AutoCAD® environment to show how grading plans, new farming conversions, and future facilities will appear.

Example Layers of information to Add:

  • Soil type and underlying geology
  • Slopes and related vineyard development acreage (per regulation/request)
  • Wine appellation (aka American Viticultural Areas)
  • Aspect –the direction slopes face
  • Geography of an area (i.e. next to a creek, mountain top, protected valley)
  • Weather (fog intrusion, Mediterranean similar to Italy/France, etc.)
  • Vineyard block locations, names, what wines came from what block.
  • More detail vineyard block information because people are asking a specific varietal, clones, rootstock etc. and what makes these special for the given site.
  • Farming practices (Ex: Sustainable/”Green”, Organic/Biodynamic, water use, hand-selected harvesting, creek & wildlife buffer strips, Foster year-round workforce supporting local families and economy
  • Winemaking philosophy and unique personalities
  • Improvements (existing vineyard, wells, buildings, fences, etc.)
  • On-site pictures from locations they were taken

Example Uses:

  • Marketing and educating wine clients and/or distributors
  • Train staff to understand and sell more products.
  • Selling Real-Estate
  • Illustrate sun exposure of house or vineyard site(s) with actual sunrise/sunset location or animation, viewshed(s), etc.
  • Public forum presentations for development and approval
  • Social Media Content

Benefits and Value:

  • Show an in-depth report visually representing information in a more meaningful and useful format
  • Increase distributorship sales
  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Create a better understanding/relationship with the client
  • Increase direct sales by branding your locale
  • Tell your story better and put your clients there, wherever they are in the world.

Video Branding Examples

Some clients that have put this tool to work:

  • Kobrand Corp
  • Estero Ranch
  • Alexander Valley – Hall Ranch

Branding Examples

Some clients that have put this tool to work:

Kobrand Corp

“The movie was a huge hit.  The music and the words at the end really were a great finish.   They said on a scale of 1 to 10 that our presentation was a 15!” ~Jane McGrath VP, Kobrand Corporation

Estero Ranch

“I highly recommend Walter and his work. I’ve used Walter for several years, he is fast, efficient, creative and communicates well” ~Karl Bundesen, President, Century 21 Bundesen

Alexander Valley – Hall Ranch

Used on website to market ranch estate parcels.